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Perfect by Marc Jacobs

The year 2021 has seen Marc Jacobs parade bold, Gen-Z inspired, post-lockdown looks as part of his Fall collection — and for anyone familiar with the celebrated fashionista’s quirky, on-the-pulse style, it’s a given that 2022 will hold more of the same. “Go out on the street — that’s how a stylish girl dresses,” says Jacobs. “Fashion has to have irony right now.” As expected, his fragrances are distinguished for their big, exaggerated bottlecaps — most notably, the unabashedly huge flowerheads adorning the flacons of Daisy and Daisy Dream. The newly released Perfect is no exception to the rule. The bright, youthful scent is housed in a weighted glass bottle recalling classic grace and style, but the cap is crowned with an eclectic assortment of mis-matched charms for that signature Jacobs look. A worthy centrepiece of any dressing table? We think so.

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Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

What is Carolina Herrera’s aesthetic? It was best described by Herrera herself when, having been asked the question at her debut collection launch in 1981, she simply replied, “It’s my own style.” The debonaire designer was renowned for her flawless attire, from its simple, timeless cuts to its tactful touches of extravagance — a signature that remains the trademark of the fashion house today. In line with this year’s Pre-Fall and Spring collections designed by Wes Gordon, the brand’s fragrances continue to channel Herrera’s spirit to a T. With a sleek, stiletto-shaped bottle and an equally seductive juice within, Good Girl shows the dark edge characteristic of a modern Carolina Herrera woman; and though you’ll come for the totally badass-looking addition to your beauty cabinet, you’ll stay for the sultry notes of cocoa, tonka, almond and coffee beans that will linger on your skin all day.

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Whoever coined the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has obviously never shopped for perfume — but as proven by some wonderfully flamboyant flacons, the concoctions within can be just as chic as their designers’ most celebrated couture collections.

Chloe by Chloe

Ah, how we love the airy dresses, hippy tassels and vagabond vibes of Chloé’s runways. Last September’s preview of the Spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection saw models promenade along the banks of the Seine in Paris in the kind of free-flowing, bohemian-inspired garbs that make us swoon every single time. Since the brand was founded in 1951 by Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir, it has stayed true to its famously free-spirited roots — and what better way to encapsulate it than through the magic of fragrance? Chloé, the all-time favourite signature scent, is the epitome of femininity; from the romantic, ribbon-enlaced bottle right through to the delicate, floral fragrance inside. But to experience a real olfactory oasis courtesy of Chloé, we’d go straight for the Miniatures Collection — four cute, pocket-sized vessels filled with that unmistakeable Chloé charm? Yes, please..

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Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Dubbed an ‘enfant terrible’ of the fashion world, there is nothing too ‘flashy’ or ‘out there’ as far as designer Jean Paul Gaultier is concerned. Over the years, his unconventional works included motifs like corsets, marinières and tin cans — in other words? Couture pure and simple. Of course, his ventures into fragrance have been marked by a similar rebellious attitude, with audacious bottles housing even more adventurous juices. One such creation is men’s oriental fougére Le Male which caused quite a stir upon its launch and sailed straight to the top of men’s fragrance charts in 2010s. The torso-shaped bottle is based on a sailor’s shirt: a key garment of Gaultier’s masculine collections, and an unapologetic nod to seduction and freedom. Ahoy to that.

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