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Sustainable style

Breaking fast-fashion habits starts with your wardrobe, but a planet-minded overhaul of your jewellery collection is an important next step. Here’s how you can help to curb waste while keeping it chic with some statement-making metals.


Invest in quality
Disposable, mass-produced trinkets sold on the high street are one of the main culprits behind jewellery waste. They might be cheaper than hand-crafted pieces, but they’re much more likely to be discarded as soon as the thin coat of plating wears off. Real gold or silver pieces — like the Clogau Affinity Bead Bracelet containing precious Welsh gold — may cost more in the short term, but they’ll last far beyond seasonal fashion cycles, often for many years and even generations.


Support a cause
For a truly planet-focused take on jewellery, opt for accessories that not only look good, but that also do their bit towards a healthier, greener environment. Bracenet is made from discarded fishing nets salvaged from our oceans and makes for a wonderfully sustainable statement for purposeful upcycling, reducing waste and the protection of marine wildlife. Conscious, purposeful accessorising doesn’t get much better than that.


Go minimalist
Taking charge of your buying habits is about adopting an intentional mindset. Chances are that only 10 per cent of your jewellery collection are pieces you love and wear all the time; so rather than holding on to the ‘meh’ pile, take the time to refine a petite but perfect stack. We love the dreamily dainty Diamante Per Tutti First Diamond Bracelet — surely enough to convince anyone that less really can be more.


Rock recycled pieces
As more brands start to embrace a circular jewellery economy, you won’t be hard-pressed to find style-conscious accessories crafted with pre-loved materials. Pilgrim is a Danish jewellery studio with an eco-conscious, Scandi-inspired take on metal pieces. Their stunning Gold-plated Bracelet and Necklace are made from at least 75 per cent recycled materials, and the brand has pledged the same for all of their collections by 2025 — a big sustainability tick at a not-too-shabby price point.