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Alexander Zirconium Grappa 35cl

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Product description

This bottle, embellished with a precious zircon stone, applied on the external side of a traditional Alexander blown glass bottle, is a precious object to be presented for important occasions. The name Prosecco calls to mind the famous wine, expression of happiness and poetry. The aromatic marc obtained from the typical yellow-green grapes of the vine Glera is distilled following Sandro Bottega's method when it is still fresh and vinous. The resulting grappa is then refined inside stainless steel containers for 3 to 6 months, in order to allow the different aromas to blend. Colour and appearance: Colourless and crystal-clear Bouquet: Fresh fruits, apple Taste: Soft and slightly peppery. Aftertaste: Persistent flavour of fresh fruits Serving Temperature: 12-14° C Serving suggestions: Grappa can help digestion, so it is perfect after meals. It can be drunk cold or even chilled. It is an ingredient for cocktails and long drinks and can accompany the tasting of dark chocolate. It is traditionally used to correct espresso and, in the Veneto and Friuli, to dilute the last drops of coffee, remaining on the bottom of the cup (Resentin). 35cl

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