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Aspinal of London Ochre Spice Mens Fragrance EDT 100ml

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Product description

Close your eyes and imagine yourself strolling through a wonderful and surprising garden, where intoxicating scents mingle with exotic spices from your travels. The bright colours and textures of the flowers surround you, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The fresh air and soothing sounds of nature calm your mind and bring you closer to the world. As you move on, notes of cardamom, ginger and nutmeg reveal themselves, enriched by the subtle smoke and earthiness of tobacco leaves, creating a complex and enchanting aroma. This garden is a haven of peace, where every sensation blends to offer an enchanting sensory experience. The colours, textures and scents of the garden transport you to another world, where you forget your worries and savour the beauty of nature. This place reconnects you to yourself and to the world, leaving you amazed and invigorated by natural poetry. “The enveloping smell of a “cosy” atmosphere of blond tobacco. The very fresh and spicy start of the ginger enhances the spicy and aromatic tobacco leaf accord. The heart note reveals warm and enveloping tobacco notes, supported by a powerful accord of white woods. The fragrance leaves an oriental and addictive trail thanks to the association of tonka bean mixed with a gourmet vanilla.” by Sidonie Lancesseur, perfumer HEAD NOTES: Ginger Organic Ess, Tobacco Leaves HEART NOTES: Blond Tobacco Accord, White Wood BASE NOTES: Tonka Abs, Vanilla, Musk

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