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Aspinal of London Unisex Fragrance EDT 100ml

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In this English garden, trees, flowers and fruit are the main characters in a story told in whispers. The light creeps through the mandarin trees that line the garden, making their leaves flicker like glittering lanterns. The sun warms the dry stones of the low wall, whose cool shade welcomes the purple clusters of blackcurrants. In the distance, the tall grass rises like thickly tipped vetiver spires. Temperatures rise, enveloping Eden in a milky haze that seems to belong neither to this time nor to this place. But during it all, a noble figure stands, offering shelter, a chapel and a meeting place for all the beings that inhabit the garden. It is the great fig tree, whose branches spread wide to offer cool shade to the shorn grass. Under this protective canopy, no light can creep in, and the creatures doze quietly, lulled by the sweet scent of the fig tree's resin. In this English garden, the heroes are not the humans, but the trees, flowers and fruits that populate this verdant Eden. “I wanted to recreate the feeling of lying in summer in the shade of a fig tree. The joyful opening of tangerine and bergamot essence mingles with a dazzling and fruity blackcurrant. In the heart, fig leaves associated with the spicy and slightly aromatic freshness of cardamom essence brings a green and refreshing sensation. A smooth and comforting accord of fig milk and musk envelops an intense and warm vetiver that leaves a powerful and addictive trail.” by Sidonie Lancesseur, perfumer HEAD NOTES: Bergamot Ess,Mandarin Ess, Blackcurrant HEART NOTES: Fig Leaves,CardamomEss. BASE NOTES: VetiverHaiti Ess ,Fig milk,Musk

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