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Cellardine Vacuum Wine Saver Gift Pack- One Pump and Two Stoppers

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Product description

A new stylish design, the CellarDine vacuum wine saver is safe and easy to use, developed to keep wine fresh to the very last drop, simply insert the rubber stopper into the neck of the bottle and place the vacuum pump on the top and start to lift the pump up and down to extract the air, when resistance is felt on the handle this indicates the air is fully extracted and will retain the freshness for a maximum of 14 days. For those of us who like to explore our taste buds and experiment with new and exciting flavours the wine saver is perfect as there is no need to drink the whole bottle through fear of oxidization, the wine saver will keep multiple bottles fresh with its spare stoppers and if drinking your favourite white wine can be stored up right in the fridge. The new CellarDine wine saver is made of ABS with a stainless steel body and comes pre packed with two unique silicone stoppers that work exclusively for this set. The spare stoppers come with a easy to use internal button that once pressed side ways can be removed effortlessly from the bottle. The vacuum wine saver is a perfect Father’s day, Christmas and year round gift not to mention a must for domestic home use, available with one pump and two stoppers supplied in superb full colour gift pack format fitting all 750cl and 1 litre bottles.

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