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Cellardine Wine Thermometer

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Product description

Everybody knows that to enjoy the perfect bottle of wine it needs to be consumed at the ideal temperature and with the CellarDine Wine Bracelet you can be sure that all types and varieties of wines can be checked correctly for the optimum drinking temperature, by simply placing around the bottle. The CellarDine Wine Bracelet has a digital temperature guide ensuring that all types of wine, including fortified wines, can be identified and consumed at the perfect temperature. The Wine Bracelet can be used on all 750cl bottles for red and white wines and comes in its own individual gift box, a free wine tips booklet that provides temperatures can be down loaded directly from the CellarDine home page, enjoy! • Perfect Christmas & year round gift • Easy to use and operate • Temperature guides will appear automatically in Celsius. • Fits all 750cl and Litre bottles • Comes pre packed with batteries. • Made from high quality and durable materials. • To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

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