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Edeniste BOOST In Love 30 ml

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Product description

A gesture of scented self-care that twists the traditional ideals of love into a new and meaningful ritual of confidence, compassion and generosity, to oneself and to others. With its soft pink tone, sensorial bottle shape and fruity-floral aroma, Love Lifeboost™ stimulates both instant and long-lasting positivity and holistic love. The fragrance opens with a mouth-watering splash of juicy red berries, sweet cherries and torn green leaves, crushed and softened as if ready to be tossed into pan and transformed into a syrupy jam. That’s precisely how Love Lifeboost™ evolves: notes of deep, velvety rose petals, heady tuberose and steamy jasmine gradually unfurl, swirling about with creamy almond oil into a perfumed elixir that’s warm, embracing, soul-elevating, addictive and unashamedly romantic."

Scientifically Proven to encourage inner and outer feeling of love, self confidence and compassion using functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI technique) to assess neurological activity by detecting changes in blood flow in specific brain area related to love. 

Edeniste is up to 98%of natural origin.

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