Marc Jacobs House of Daisy Ladies Miniatures Coffret Set

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The perfect gift to treat yourself or others. This charming coffret is a collection of: Daisy Eau de Toilette 4ml Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 4ml Daisy Eau So fresh Eau de Toilette 4ml Daisy love Eau de Toilette 4ml Individually packed. Eau de toilette 4 x 4ml Please note products and packaging may vary. About the brand. After 30 years Marc Jacobs continues to unabashedly shape the boundaries of American fashion. The indefinable characteristics of his namesake label are the result of a certain unique, uncommonly frank and brilliantly outspoken perspective. Marc continues to explore the beauty in the unexpected and convey the luxury that exists in the everyday. At the core of the company’s values is his belief that we are each the star of our own movie, and through the joy of the ritual of fashion, makeup and fragrance, we can help further define our individuality and personality. Marc Jacobs continues to offer fashion and accessories through a broad spectrum of accessibility without compromising honesty and integrity.

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