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Nuxe OiI Prodigieuse® Air 100ML

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Product description

This multipurpose dry oil nourishes, repairs and softens the face, body and hair. Its secret formula is composed of 97.8 per cent ingredients of natural origin, without silicone, parabens or mineral oil. Huile Prodigieuse is famous all over the world for its warm scent, pleasurable feel and wonderful satin-skin effect. Please note packaging may vary. Did you know? Nuxe has its own story to tell. That of an aspiration, driven by intuition. A fundamental need nurtured and followed by its founder. Aliza Jabès developed Nuxe products and spas by believing in herself, letting her senses guide her and following her instinct. Nuxe puts research and excellence above all. We believe in awakening the senses whilst harnessing the full force of nature and the power of science. A subtle blend resulting in products that are an absolute joy to use. A sensory pleasure that draws on the gifts of Nature. Nuxe ventures deep into the heart of nature to extract plants that are rarely used in skincare, harvesting the most precious molecules for use in innovative formulas. 100ml

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