Seksy Ladies Sunglasses

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From the bestselling watch brand Seksy, these on-trend sunglasses feature a distinctive tortoiseshell frame with feminine arms embellished with crystal fine rocks from Swarovski.

The stylish design is flawlessly finished with chocolate tinted lenses, which block harmful UV rays. Comes with a complimentary zipped case. 

About the brand -Time Products Limited and Swiss Eyewear Group introduced a new range of Seksy branded sunglasses embellished with Swarovski crystals. The two companies have signed a long-term licensing agreement for the design, manufacturing and global distribution of sunglasses for the Seksy brand. Time Products is a global watch company with a presence at over 200 airports and on board of 110 airlines and Swiss Eyewear Group is the creator of the Invu ultra polarized sunglass brand.

Our two companies complement each other perfectly. The expertise of Swiss Eyewear Group in designing and engineering high quality optical products, combined with our strong international footprint with the Seksy brand in the global travel retail distribution channel, will create tremendous synergies,” said David Merriman, managing director of Time Products. Our design team in Zurich, Switzerland, is very excited to work with this glamorous brand.

The embellishing of the entire Seksy collection with precious Swarovski crystals and the corresponding co-branding adds an intriguing creativity dimension for our design and marketing teams,” added Jerry Dreifuss, CEO of Swiss Eyewear Group.

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