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Toddle Travel Skincare Kit

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Product description

Happy Germ Hand Gel The World’s First Probiotic Hand Gel! The Happy Germ Hand Gel uses happy germs (like the cultures found in fancy yoghurts) to help improve the skin's natural barrier. Probiotic gel can help reduce the risk of superbugs becoming more resistant to alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Adventure Balm This multi-purpose 100% vegan balm hydrates, intensely nourishes and heals the skin with a superb potent formulation. Packed with natural moisture boosters to protect against British Winters Can be used as nappy cream, after sun, on lips and cheeks in cold weather, to moisturise and hydrate. Formulated with organic coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba Lip Balm Toddle’s dribble proof lip balm for children is designed to help soothe and moisturise dry and chapped lips. It's suitable for babies, toddlers, and anybody else who drools or suffers with dribble rash. Our special formula helps protect and nourish whilst being safe and gentle to use - even on baby or sensitive skin. That means it's perfect for any adventurous family to carry with them!

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